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PolyM learning toys are produced in Germany since 1980

It is fascinating to see children build and play while having fun and exploring the endless possibilities of their imaginations. For over 30 years, the unique, round-edged and flexible PolyM constructions system has been a hit among children and educators all over the world; and the power of each individual player's imagination means that it's a product that appeals to everyone, regarding of age.

PolyM building bricks are produced in Germany, in accordance with the international standards of safety, and are regularly tested by independent testing institutes. Originally built by a father - Anton Meyer, German engineer, Founder of PolyM - for his beloved daughters, it is fitting that the PolyM building bricks reach new generations with each passing decade.

Founder and Inventor of PolyM with family

Founder and inventor of PolyM with Family

PolyM learning toys are produced in Germany since 1980

First ToyFair Nuremberg in 1980


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