(25th May, 2019, Japan) The grand Good Toy Award 2019 ceremony was held at the Tokyo Toy Museum of Art, where the PolyM Dinosaur Paradise Kit – after being selected by 6,000 toy consultants – claimed the Good Toy Award 2019, winning unanimous recognition and generous applause.

The award’s consultants gave high praise to PolyM, the German creative building brick, recommending it to children and parents as a safe and educational toy. The eco-friendly materials are machine washable and have rounded edges, providing children with a safe and hygienic playing tool and making it easy to clean and store. Furthermore, it is soft enough that children can step on it without feeling any pain and easy to assemble. A sustainable and safe toy, PolyM provides children with endless building possibilities. Masayo Ono, one of the award’s toy consultants, commented, “with beautiful colours, and appropriate size and shape which is easy to assemble, the toy brings out the creativity of children.”

The award, bestowed in Japan, highlights PolyM’s widely recognised safety and sustainability features, and identifies its play-value and educational significance. Moreover, the award helps make the German-style classic toy brand available to all, especially in Asia, which is a big step for PolyM. We cordially hope German toys can deliver more and more happiness to all children around the globe.

PolyM, a German creative building brick brand established in 1980, was acquired by Hape Holding AG in 2017. It was created by Meyer, a German auto engineer, for his daughter, and it is still developed and operated by the grandchild of Meyer today.

The Good Toy Award is hosted by the “Art and Play” Creation Association, the Japanese NPO that operates Tokyo Toy Museum. The Good Toy Awards date back to 1985, and their aim is to recommend good toys to the public via their annual awards. It consists of three sub-prizes; the Good Toy Grand Prize (one winner each year), the Hayashino Secretary of State Prize (one winner each year), and the Good Toy award (dozens of winners).