Meet PolyM this New School Year

(31st August, 2019, Shanghai)The annual “Welcome Back to School” party co-hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce| Shanghai, in cooperation with the German School Hongqiao, kicked off again this year in the courtyard of the school. Hape organised a PolyM creative challenge during the event, welcoming old and new students and wishing them a great new start in the school.

Just like last year, the “Welcome Back to School” party drew crowds of children and parents and featured excellent live shows, fascinating games as well as tasty German foods. As a member of the German Chamber of Commerce | Shanghai, Hape participated in the great party again this year, welcoming children with the German building block, PolyM. Unlike any other games with prescribed instructions for toy building, this year we provided children with a creative building challenge in order to let them build their own original creations and to explore their imaginations. Children enthusiastically signed up for the challenge and were thoroughly engrossed in building unique PolyM structures. The interested children, patient and curious parents and creative and original PolyM features, combined to make the PolyM challenge a great success, kicking-off the new school year withhappy laughter. In the end, two children won the grand prizes respectively (a set of City Vehicles and an Adventure Rocket) for their dazzlingly original creations.

PolyM, a German creative building brick brand established in 1980, was acquired by Hape Holding AG in 2017. It was created by Meyer, a German auto engineer, for his daughter, and it is still developed and operated by the grandchild of Meyer today.This May, PolyM was awarded the grand Good Toy Award 2019 (hosted by the “Art and Play” Creation Association, the Japanese NPO that operates Tokyo Toy Museum) in Japan, winning unanimous recognition and generous applause.